Making the Case
that the collective
of our
Shapes Who We Are

"You carry ideas and images with you for so long...you just have to find the language for it, because the images have always been there."

-Durga Chew-Bose to Interview Magazine

fashion & Style

As visual experience.


Behind the words

Canadian by birth, Texan by childhood and Euro-Indian by blood, I'm a 20-something collecting moments of synchronicity. I'm most myself when I'm on a plane, sipping wine, untangling thoughts and penning poems.When I'm not eating, I'm scrolling through Instagram deciding where to savor my next burger.Your odds are high finding me in line at Starbucks, on a spin bike or wandering 'round Whole Foods. A feminist who believes in differences and champions equality, a thrill-seeker who values the beauty of connecting with a stranger over commonalities, and a lover of those who leave an imprint on my life...



Sink into your own reverberatory experiences as you scroll through mine, and don't be afraid to drop a line.

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